Vincenzo's bread is made from scratch, baked fresh daily, hot out of the oven, and has no preservatives.  Simply the best bread anywhere!!!

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The Italian Tradition

Vincenzo's Convenient Elegance is a prepared fine foods shop where the sights, fragrance and flavors of Old World cuisine transport our customers to the Abruzzi Region of Italy. Vincenzo's features fully-prepared antipasti and entree dishes, simply and elegantly displayed so that you need only select and heat at your own convenience.
Named for my grandfather - a young man who emigrated to America in the 1900's - our establishment carries on the classic tradition of his family and his native Abruzzi. Passed from generation to generation are time-honored traditions, methods of food preparation and the treasured recipes for which the region is famous.
Our desire is to maintain these Old World dining traditions, deeply rooted in the peasant lifestyles that emphasize fresh ingredients for the carefully prepared dishes and the quality of a pasta that is internationally recognized as the finest in the world.
Your senses will be filled with the tantalizing aromas of fresh baked bread, simmering sauces and most importantly, our fresh homemade dishes.
Our Abbondanza, or "bountiful plenty", includes the finest in imported and domestic Italian meats and cheeses, homemade sweet and hot Italian sausages, mounds of imported olives and a wide variety of other Old World ingredients.
Our objective, our passion is to "treat customers as though they are guests in our Italian home."
We invite you to sample both the ambiance and the edibles at Vincenzo's Convenient Elegance. We hope you find the experience a truly satisfying one.
Louis J. Bonfante
Owner of Vincenzo's
6393 Sawmill Road -- Dublin, Ohio 43017 -- (614)792-1010 --